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ROAR (2019)

Ryo Katayama 片山享

One day, Makoto faces the fact that his older brother has committed a crime.  This harsh incident leads Makoto’s father to kill himself, and causes his mother to completely lose all sense of reality. Without any support or way to turn to, he runs away from home, and on his search for closure a vagrant appears before him.
Since that encounter, the sound of confronting life begins to roar quietly inside of Makoto.


Natsuki Nakagawa 中川奈月

Living a claustrophobic existence in a small town and in an abusive relationship, Sotoko has almost reached her mental limit. However, when a brooding outsider takes up an interest in her and offers an alternative, she begins to contemplate options and reassess her own value as a person under the loving gaze of the mysterious Mikiro. As the relationship develops, Sotoko’s husband Atusya begins to put pressure on his wife and the young visitor in a bid to keep his wife under control.



Takafumi Tsuchiya

It is a story of a boy who has been living his life without any inconvenience faces success and failure at his dream the music, meetings, and partings with important people. Overcoming those ups and downs, swallowing his pride, accept the reality to be an adult


Masakazu Kaneko 金子雅和

Yuku is a hunter who works for animal damage control programmes in the mountains of central Japan. In order to afford the medical bills for the treatment of his mother’s illness, he accepts a lucrative contract to kill a rare, white deer that lives in the forest by a remote village, and whose presence is thought to undermine tourism in the region by the neighbouring town’s bureaucrats. As he ventures into the village, however, he discovers that the animal is venerated as a god by the local community, which lives in a state of semi-isolation from the rest of society. While assessing his ethical responsibilities in undertaking such a task, he gets closer to inhabitants of the village, facing their conflicting emotions as to whether they should keep living as “outsiders”.