JSFF team is grateful to all authors and contributors that due to circumstances provided support for creating an actual, influential, composed, and refreshing program for visitors.

We are witnessing future depending global phenomena changes such as global warming, dynamic economics, sustainable issues, aging populations and many others that alarmed industries to converge and involve CARE as necessary practice.

Expanding the understanding of 2020 Theme’s importance, JSFF identified 4 pillars of CARE to explore:
C – Cinema
A – Awareness
R – Resilience
E – Educate

Cinema as Care
Media is strong power that without a doubt contributed in collective inclusion in world’s trend changing. Cinema in particular has its narrative charm of exposing our nature in creative, scholastic, scientific, historical or any other concept known to us. Most significant moments of our recent history were marked and memorized throughout film industry (Female role in society, films against racism, minority inclusion, questioning past, regional conflicts, births of new ideas etc.). Need of every creator to address global phenomena is strong even today, and allows opening a global interactive dialogue of creators, work and audiences.  

Awareness as Care
“The Earth is fine place and worth fighting for” by Ernst Hemmingway.
This is era where ignorance also hurts our environment and being good. Linking to previous pillar, JSFF aims to treat awareness as important ingredient of messages to be sent through artwork, whether is film or other media.
JSFF encourages all applicants to deepen their thoughts on following topics: Environmental, Society, Infrastructure, Family relationships, Aging, Poverty, Inequality, Conflicts…

Resilience as Care
Is Responsibility to react. A reaction of awareness to problems which has to oppose to comfort zone or everyday routine. This is the only pillar with the attitude of “keeping things right” when needed. World development pace requires everyone in society to be part of it, to converge and protect.

Educate as Care
This is an institutional interactive setting which world today recognizes and emerges everyone in learning and teaching process consequently. Each person is a role model to society, therefore we have ability to educate by example. JSFF2020 is expanding its role towards being inclusive and interactive platform of learning and sharing keeping FUN as element within all.




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